Three Lessons from Student Body President’s Statewide Planning Calls with the White House

Over the last month, we engaged with well over 400 student body presidents on 25 calls from around the country with the White House to talk about college affordability and sexual assault prevention. The calls outlined the current state of both of the issues and how student leaders can take action on their campuses. We learned a lot from each of the calls, and here are three of the big take aways for the year ahead

  • We’re all in the same boat. Regardless of the campus, state, or time zone that you’re from, students are all facing the same challenges but working on them together helps. College affordability and sexual assault prevention can seem like intimidating issues for any one person or student group to solve. However, collaborations across campuses and states help to make the solutions more tangible.
  • There are great ideas out there. It doesn’t matter where you are, student leaders are ready to step up to stop sexual assaults on their campus. Whether you’re from a private university, a community college, a land-grant university, or an Ivy, students are ready to make their campus more safe for everyone. From reaching out to university officials, local survivor centers, or the local community, students looking at the best ways to improve safety on campus.
  • We need your leadership more than ever. We can’t do our job without the hard work of the student leaders that we get to work with everyday. Student body presidents on each campus are engaged with students, administration, local, state and national government and looking at how to make the best changes for their campus.

The calls were just the first of many conversations that we are hoping to have with student leaders who are ready to make positive change on their campus.

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