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Rini and Jordan are the 2015-2016 dream team who plan to bring real results to their campus. They met in 2013 and they’ve been unstoppable ever since. Their campaign for student government president and vice president took spring elections at University of Southern California by storm utilizing a stacked platform and a team of campaigners. With a population of over 43,000 students, University of Southern California presented a challenge to student government: How do they reach all of these students and represent all of the change the campus wants for the coming year? Rini and Jordan assembled a team of six to assist them in communications, connecting with the Greek system, and campaigning. They set up a website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They made T-Shirts with their logo on them along with buttons and stickers. They stayed active on social media and on campus throughout the duration of the campaign. They created a platform of 20 points based on feedback from the student body and their campaign team. Rini said, “We really want to make sure student comfort is at the top of our priority list and that we’re really taking into account all of the individuals on campus.” Some of their top campaign points included:

-Improved access for students with disabilities
-Sexual assault prevention programs and increased counseling staff

-Creating an effective mentorship program for new, international, and transfer students
-Advocating for a more smooth transition into housing for new students

-Starting a mental health awareness campaign
-Extending library hours, providing a printing allowance, putting a cap on textbook budgets

-Establishing a Greek Row bill of rights
-On campus bike sharing and improving traffic flow between pedestrians and bikers

-Increasing the number of public forums
-Advocating for additional Gender Neutral Bathrooms

-Advocating for the expansion of Cultural Resource Centers
-Providing a shuttle to LAX for breaks

Rini and Jordan really strived to include every demographic on campus and aim to continue to keep communicating with their campus. “One of the things we’ve realized is really key for student government is communication. A lot of times students simply don’t know about the services that are available to them.”

Rini and Jordan won’t do all of this communicating on their own they noted, “I think what’s going to be really instrumental is leveraging our branches of government so students know we are a resources and we are really available to hear whatever issue or concern they have on campus, that’s really important to us.” They also want to plan some ‘fireside chat’ style talks between students and their student government representatives, utilize social media, and deliver the real results their campaign promised. By empowering the people in student government to take on more responsibilities and connecting with students they plan to use their entire campus to accomplish their goals.

Jordan is going into her junior year majoring in Media Arts and Practice she participates in Best Buddies, and Delta Gamma sorority and she is also a Peer Leadership Consultant. Rini is a senior International Relations major and is involved in Mock Trials, Model UN, and the campus newspaper.

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