NCLC Introduces Campus Recovery Guide

Over the past decade, the number of deaths from drug use especially heroin and other opioids has seen a tremendous increase. While the addiction epidemic has hit people ages 18-25 the hardest, many colleges and universities still do not have support for students in recovery or for students who realize they have a substance use disorder while in school. This year, NCLC held a breakout session on substance use on campus during our annual Presidential Leadership Summit.


At NCLC, we are committed to providing our network of student leaders with the resources necessary to make tangible change in issue areas such as substance use recovery in higher education. The following guide, informed by student input, research, feedback from various experts, and insights from the breakout session during our Summit, includes preliminary tips on how to address substance use in your community and engage with decision-makers around promising practices.


As Student Body Presidents, we hope you will take a look and sit down with your respective teams to determine how you can foster a positive campus climate for students suffering and recovering from substance use disorders. Education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of substance use disorders and we know that by working together we can help end that cycle. 




 View the guide here.

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