Nominate someone you know for a Campus Legacy Award!

We’re excited to celebrate NCLC's fifth anniversary at this year's Presidential Leadership Summit by honoring the amazing people and efforts that have got us here. On June 5th, we will hold the inaugural Campus Legacy Awards luncheon to recognize current and former student body presidents, initiatives, and allies who have made significant contributions to advancing student leadership in the past year. That's where we need your help!

We invite you to browse the award details and nominate someone you know by March 31!

The Rising Star Award honors a recently former student body president who demonstrates a promising future in civic leadership and commitment to championing student leadership. 

The Presidential Legacy Award honors a former student body president who has made a significant impact on their industry. Their remarkable career and commitment to student leadership exemplify the impact that former student leaders have on society.

The Campus Partner of the Year Award honors a higher education stakeholder who has significantly empowered student body presidents and advanced student leadership in the past year.

The Student Body President of the Year Award recognizes an outgoing student body president who has made a resounding impact on his or her campus, exemplifying numerous tenets of strong leadership and demonstrates the power of student leadership.

The Student Initiative of the Year Award recognizes a student-led initiative that has exemplified student leadership on a national scale, and awarded to a student leader, organization, or SGA that made significant contributions to that initiative.

You can review more award details here and use this form to submit your nominations:

The strength of our organization comes from our network. So many of you have and will go on to do remarkable things. By celebrating your work and staying connected, we can continue to cultivate, strengthen, and advance student leadership in higher education.

Thank you for your support!

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