It’s On Us National Week of Action – April 13th-April 19th

We have been able to see student leaders use the It’s On Us campaign as an aid in the organizing they are already doing as well as a springboard to start a number of campus conversations. While each campus is at a different place, student leaders are using It’s On Us to take ownership over driving the discussion on campus.

April 13th starts the It’s On Us Spring National Week of Action, which is a platform to build all these inspiring efforts into one powerful movement. Hundreds of students nationwide will hold community events to continue the conversation locally and call on their peers to step up. Some students are hosting roundtables with key campus leaders; others are holding major community wide town halls and rallies. What matters most is that you figure out what’s most manageable for your goals.

As you get ready to plan your campus events for the National Week of Action you can download the new Its On Us Spring Toolkit. The toolkit includes:

  • Event planning guides
  • Tips for planning a successful campus event
  • Social media guidelines
  • Bystander Intervention training best practices
  • Helpful insights from RAINN on supporting survivors

Student leaders are at the forefront of this call to action and have been hosting campaign pledge drives, holding campus-wide roundtables, and working with administrators to ensure that entire campus communities are changing the culture around sexual assault.

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