Leading on Climate: White House Youth Conference in June

For decades, young people have been the fiercest champions to advance environmental sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. Climate change routinely polls as a high priority for Millennials, who largely treat it as a post-partisan issue. In recent years, these issues have played out on college campuses in the form of the U.S. Presidents Climate Commitment, the fossil fuel divestment movement, and broad commitments to environmental education.


Student leaders at White House in 2014

As national leaders debate future policy, college students around the country are rolling up their sleeves (often literally) to address these issues directly. On June 2nd, we’ll bring together more than 50 of these rising leaders at the White House for a Youth Climate Conference. Along with top experts and officials, these students will share ideas and best practices from their campus-based work and outline a blueprint for more work in the years ahead.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Youth Climate Conference and the inspiring work of these student leaders.

Participation is by invitation only, but please reach out for more information at policy@nationalcampusleaders.org. The event will be held in collaboration with the White House and Environmental Defense Fund.

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