NCLC statement on DeVos confirmation



In response to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Executive Director Andy MacCracken made the following statement:

We congratulate Betsy DeVos on her confirmation and hope to create a partnership with the incoming department in order to strengthen the role of student leadership in American higher education. The confirmation process surfaced important questions about the future of education policy, touching on issues close to the heart of student leaders nationwide. In that spirit, we offer a sincere commitment to help Secretary DeVos and her team further understand the concerns and hopes of students nationwide.

The student leaders we work with are extraordinary education advocates from every state who reflect the nation’s diversity of beliefs, races, gender identities, and political views. Despite differences, they have come together to drive initiatives that improve student finances, safety, and health.

The efforts made in NCLC’s lifetime to curb campus sexual assault, tackle student loan debt, improve mental health services, and create more inclusive campus communities are vitally important to student body leaders. We know that student leaders of all backgrounds and beliefs are paying close attention to how the department acts on protecting students’ rights and listening to students’ perspectives.


The National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC) was launched in 2012 to better empower student body leaders at colleges around the country to develop the tools, networks, and skills necessary to confront exigent issues facing students today. Last year, our programs reached more than 1,500 student leaders on about 500 college campuses, engaging students on issues like college affordability, campus sexual assault, mental health, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and campus to career transitions. We leverage our relationships with major stakeholders in and out of government to strengthen and advance the role of student leadership in higher education.

[PHOTO: Secretary DeVos at Senate Hearing, 2017. Getty]




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