NCLC launches Defend Our Future at the White House

On November 19th, we will be at the White House to launch the Defend Our Future campaign to address campus sustainability challenges and climate change through student leadership. 

You can tune in for a livestreamed discussion about student leadership on climate challenges with student leaders and a very special guest. Check our Facebook page tomorrow at 2:45 PM EST for the link.

What is Defend Our Future?
Defend Our Future is trying something new. We’re tired of waiting for action on climate change – so we’re challenging individuals and communities to take action themselves. This new approach is for the doers, the solvers, and the innovators who want to change the world around us, rather than sitting on the sidelines hoping someone else will act. That’s where you come in.

What can you do?
The campaign is designed to give you the tools to engage more students on your campus in finding and implementing real solutions to local and global environmental problems. So many of you are already doing incredible work, and that will be at the heart of this effort.

Commit to action as a student leader with us at Here, you can tell us what you’re already doing and what you plan to do to lead on sustainability.

Commit to action as an individual (and encourage people in your networks to do the same!) at There are three easy things you can start doing on your own.

Social media guidance

On Facebook!

  • [tag Defend Our Future on Facebook], a climate action campaign dedicated to empowering young people, ran a study on what people do when they’re in danger – and the results were astonishing. You’re going to want to see this. #IWillNotWait
  • Students across the nation are ready to act on climate change. Will you join them?  #IWillNotWait
  • “I should have gotten up sooner.” What does that mean? Our friends at [tag Defend Our Future on Facebook] did a study on what people do when they are in danger. You won’t believe what they discovered:  #IWillNotWait

On Twitter!

  • If you were in danger, would you do something about it? The answer might surprise you: #IWillNotWait
  • Our friends @defendourfuture studied what people do when they’re in danger – you need to see this. #IWillNotWait
  • “It’s real, it’s happening”: Why you need to take climate action right now.  #IWillNotWait

Defend Our Future is mobilizing people to take simple but substantive actions to prevent climate change from being the biggest disaster affecting our generation. It’s time to challenge ourselves to implement real solutions on our campuses and in our communities that will help protect our planet.

Be the person who stands up. Be the one to take action. Join Defend Our Future.

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