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Jen Abrams and her vice president Jeff Losse ran their campaign in the 2015 spring semester with the idea of bringing their campus together with the the slogan “One GT,” GT for Georgia Technical Institute. They wanted every student at GT to feel like they had a voice on campus. Jen prides herself and the student government at GT with, “knowing how to empower students to make the change in their school.” In order to accomplish their mission Jen and her staff are working to provide more outlets for feedback from students. Here are the top 3 forums they are planning for this upcoming year:


  • Town Halls – Each with it’s own topic, these town halls provide a public forum for the student voice. The GT student government is planning to address issues such as mental health, residential life, parking, and more.
  • Campus Kiosks – Placing stations with an iPad around campus with updates about SGA, a question of the week, and a place to give feedback.
  • Reddit – Using the GaTech subReddit, a popular social media platform for GT, to have online forums and review feedback and questions that students bring up. “Georgia Tech is the most active college on Reddit in the country, which is not surprising,” Jen says. Even the campus police use the platform as a way to communicate with students.
    The Georgia Tech Resnet Reddit interacts with students to answer their questions


Through these methods the GT student government hopes to be more transparent with their students and connect the campus community while removing stigmas from issues such as mental health and academics. “I’m always telling people, ‘No one said there’s a mold you have to fit.’ And that’s the great thing about Georgia Tech, is that there’s never a mold.” With this motto Jen is inspiring action and conversations on her campus.

Georgia Tech is not the only school that has a Reddit. Here are some others:


University of Hawaii

Emerson College

Utah Valley University

Kennesaw State University

Old Dominion University


The Georgia Tech SubReddit

University of California, Riverside

Northern Kentucky University

SUNY at Buffalo

University of Massachusetts

Does your school have Reddit? How could you utilize different forms of social media as SGA?


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