Recap from 'Campus Women Lead'

This past weekend, we had an unforgettable time with women student body leaders who attended our Campus Women Lead summit. We asked some of our attendees to tell us about an idea or conversation from the summit that excited them the most — check out what they have to say!


I’ve been excited about reclaiming the negativity around being a “politician” — a stigma established and defined by the men who have exclusively held office for centuries — in finding a self-definition of what that means to me and how I authentically lead as a woman.

Mai Mizuno

Director of Community Affairs, University of Southern California


 The conversation from this past weekend that excited me most was the one around confidence. We heard from amazing women about their stories in working with their confidence and changing it from a disadvantaging trait to one that now is the key to their success. It is incredibly important for young women to hear these stories of successes because one of the largest barriers to success for young women is their own self-confidence!

Geri Denger

Student Body President, Purdue University


Campus Women Lead was by far the most impactful conference I have attended during my collegiate experience. I had many major takeaways, but I was most impacted by the lessons taught by women leading our nation. We need more than just cis white women leading our Student Governments and having authentic confidence can drive the passion for a more inclusive environment. Picking the people around you intentionally is the first step towards growth and consistency. "You can only know what you're doing right now." Farah Pandith, the former first ever special Representative to Muslim Communities at the US Department of State, stated this in her closing remarks on mobilizing your network. We must lead through our passions thus creating better futures for those around us.

Brooke Duncan

Student Body Vice President, University of Cincinnati


One of the ideas that inspired me was a conversation I had with several other women who had passed "free tampon" initiatives at their universities. I'm currently working with my student government to implement a similar initiative, and several other girls within earshot of the conversation started asking questions. Without realizing, we'd formed a sort of informal coalition of women, from universities across the country, all working towards a similar goal, and comparing strategies, research methods, and best practices. It was wonderful to hear about the work these women were doing, and I walked away from our conversation feeling inspired to drive change at my own university.

Jordan Smith

University of Rochester


For me, the most empowering part of the conference was coming to the realization that so many of us are experiencing this unpredictable, yet exciting transition period in our lives--it's nearly time for us to hang up our student government hats and begin to find our place in the world. Each and every one of us left the conference with a sense of confidence in our own (as well as each others') abilities and potential, which I truly believe will translate to success in our efforts to become the future leaders of our generation.  The women I was fortunate enough to meet through CWL were nothing short of inspiring, and I cannot wait to watch them change the world!

Danielle Di Scala

Student Body Vice President, The Ohio State University


My CWL experience was one I think any young woman in leadership could greatly benefit from.  All of the workshops were informative, inspiring and encourage attendees to think outside the box.  My favorite was Confidence is Key, as we discussed the role confidence and self-assurance play into our success as women in leadership roles.  I also took a lot away from discussions on how to be an effective advocate and what it is really like to run for office.  Overall, the opportunity to meet and converse with female leaders from campuses across the country was priceless and one I would strongly recommend.

Julie Merow

Student Body President, West Virginia University


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