By the Numbers: A Look Back on 2014

So much of nonprofit work is judged by numbers. Yet, social impact and culture change is incredibly challenging to measure.

 By all accounts, 2014 was a remarkable year for NCLC and student leadership nationwide:

  • We reached more than 1500 student leaders on about 500 campuses through in-person and online events
  • We’ve tripled the number of student body presidents who we regularly interact weekly compared to this time last year
  • We empowered 650 student body presidents from about 500 campuses to advance their priorities more effectively on and off campus on a wide range of issues including student finances, sexual assault prevention, mental health, youth jobs, and environmental sustainability.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come by the numbers, but they don’t reflect the passion of student leaders or the classmates they inspire. Numbers don’t measure the friendships started at Summit or the confidence in knowing that an entire community of peers has your back. Those are the things that motivate us at NCLC. So while we do everything we can to measure our network’s impact on campuses and the country, know that as we build ahead for 2015 and beyond, we are most interested in investing in student body leaders and individuals. People advance the ideas and build the relationships that will move our generation ahead in the coming decades.

As we reflect on the year, here are some major highlights of what NCLC’s network has helped achieved. Some are about your work, some are about event’s we’ve done. In all cases, they’re snapshots about why young voices are vital to moving our country forward.

More than 270 student body presidents signed a pledge to end sexual assault: Student body leaders were key in shaping the White House It’s On Us campaign, and more than 270 campuses took action this semester. By adopting the campaign locally, students called on their community to step up and stop sexual assaults before they happen and create an environment where survivors are supported.


It’s On Us events at different campuses

NCLC Executive Director introduced President for action on college finance: Introducing President Obama at a White House event in June, Andy MacCracken spoke about his own experience with student loans and the importance of student leadership, helping elevate the conversation about making student loans more manageable for borrowers. The President signed an executive action that expands access to Pay As You Earn, holds student loan servicers more accountable, and helps get more information about repayment options to student borrowers. 


NCLC Executive Director, Andy MacCracken introduced President Obama In June 2014.

100+ student body leaders discussed national priorities in Washington, D.C.More than 100 student body leaders met during NCLC’s National Leadership Summit to connect with each other and policymakers. Students led substantive conversations about top issues facing students today, generating campus best practices and setting national goals. The Summit included a briefing at the White House and meetings with top Administration officials and policy experts.


Summit 2014

In the year ahead, we will expand our work as we grow our team. Here are some things to look forward to:

  • With support from the Lumina Foundation, we’ll produce a report highlighting student perspectives about federal financial aid. The report will be anchored by a big survey and further informed by roundtable discussions in communities around the country.
  • Our 2015 National Leadership Summit is slated for May 30 – June 1. The event will be bigger and better than ever, and student leaders can start to register in January.
  • We plan to formally launch our Campus Legacy Network, creating a tremendous community of former student body presidents.
  • We will continue our work on sexual assault prevention with the It’s On Us campaign. In response to student leaders’ work, we will build out unique policy resources to help campuses institutionalize and further advance their efforts.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season and look forward to even greater progress in 2015!

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